Monthly funding for open source projects.
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Monthly Support
We make it easy for people to support your open source project with a monthly contribution so that you have the stability you need to make your software better.
Funding Goals
Whether you'd like $30/month to cover hosting costs or $3,000/month so that you can work on your software full-time, supporters will know exactly where their money is going and get excited about helping you hit your next funding goal.
We display all your supporters by their GitHub picture and name so that your BackerPass page feels like a natural extension of your project on GitHub.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does BackerPass work?
BackerPass makes it super easy for your followers to support your work on a monthly basis. In return you offer your supporters (or "backers" as well call them) special rewards such as behind-the-scenes content, high-res photos of your work, access to monthly live-streams, signed prints, one-on-one instruction, or anything else you can imagine! We have artists offering all sorts of creative rewards.

Your BackerPass page will also display a funding goal so that your backers know exactly what their support helps you achieve. Your funding goal could be anything from $30/month for art supplies to $3,000/month so that you can purchase video equipment and start a monthly Youtube series. Your followers will want to help you reach your goal so that they can see you do something awesome.

Check out this live example to see BackerPass in action.
How much does it cost?
There are no up-front costs to using BackerPass. We just take 10% of what you make and our credit card processor ( takes 2.9% + 0.30 per charge. As an example, on a $10 payment you'll keep around $8.40.
How do I get paid?
Payments from backers will go directly into your Stripe or PayPal account. It's as easy as that 💸
How is BackerPass different from other options?
We're focused on being the easiest way for artists to get monthly funding from their followers. That means making it easy to create a beautiful page that tells your story and shows off your art. That also means making it rediculously easy for your followers to become backers. Unlike other services, we don't force potential backers to sign-up before paying. They can pay right away using our mobile-optimized credit card form and then afterwards connect their Instagram or Facebook account if they'd like to be displayed on your backers list. By cutting out any unnecessary friction and keeping our service simple we ensure we're helping you make the most money you can.
What kind of rewards can I offer?
You can offer anything you want to your backers, but for some inspiration check out our list of reward ideas 💡
How do I give my backers their rewards?
We make it easy to grab your backer's email addresses and drop them into your favorite email client. It's then as simple as writing an email and attaching your digital rewards (such as photos, small videos, etc) or linking out to rewards hosted elsewhere (such as a private live-stream or private video on Youtube). If you have physical rewards that need to be shipped out we make it super easy to get your backer's shipping addresses.
How can I join?
Anyone can create a BackerPass page and start getting monthly funding from their friends, family, and followers. Click here to get started.
What's the answer to life?
Some people believe it might be 42. We tend to think it's more about the journey then the destination (cue cheesy music) and doing what you love with direct support from your fans seems like a pretty good way to spend your time. It's our mission to make that a reality for artists and creative people all over the world 💞
Are you an artist? Create a BackerPass page and start receiving monthly support from your followers.
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