What are some good rewards?
Here are some ideas to get you started ...

Backers-only Instagram: Create a second private Instagram account that all your backers get access to. Think work-in-progress shots, behind the scenes photos/videos that show off your work space, quick 1 minute instructional videos, and anything that might not feel right on your main Instagram but your backers would love. This second account can serve as a special community just for your backers. If you get a lot of comments on your main account this can be a great way to give your biggest fans a place where it’s much easier to be seen by you and chat amongst themselves. With Instagram’s new account switcher it’s super easy to switch back and forth between your main and backer-only accounts.

Backers-only Facebook Group: Create a private Facebook group that all your backers get access to. Post work-in-progress shots, behind the scenes photos/videos that show off your work space, instructional videos, polls where backers vote on what you do next. You can even create a live stream just for your private group. This is is similar to the Instagram reward idea above, but Facebook groups have a lot more features and post types. This is a great option if you have a lot of fans on Facebook already, as it would be super convenient for them to get more awesome stuff right through Facebook.

Backers-only Email Newsletter: This is an opportunity to give your backers the full story behind your work and your experience as artist. You can also include special backer-only content, such as higher-res photos that your backers can use as desktop and phone backgrounds.

Discounts in your shop: If you already have an online store you can send backers a generous discount code. This is a great way to show your backers you care and sell more art in your shop.

Art requests: Depending on the kind of art you create, it can work well to allow backers to make requests for your next piece. For example, a calligrapher might allow a backer to chose the word they write in their next calligraphy piece. You can later share this piece to your Instagram, give the requester an @mention, and let your followers know that this is a special thing you’re doing for your backers. This can be a really effective way to drive awareness to your BackerPass page and make it tempting for more followers to become backers.

Voting: Similar to art requests, you could let your backers know that they’ll get to take part in a monthly poll where they get to help you decide on next project or topic. This can be fun if they then also get to see exclusive work-in-progress shots before you share your finished piece with your full audience.

Instructional videos: Give backers access to instructional videos that teach them how you do what you do. Every week or month you can release a new video that focuses on a specific aspect of your art. These videos can be hosted on Youtube as “unlisted” and then you simply send the link out to your backers.

Google Hangouts: Invite your higher tier backers to participate in an online video hangouts (everyone is live streaming) where you can discuss ideas for your next project and answer questions. It’s a great way to get to know your biggest fans, help them get to know each-other, and make them really feel like a part of your process.

Live streams: Similar to doing a Google Hangout, but because it’s just you streaming video you can have a much bigger audience. Consider doing a monthly live stream available to all backer tiers where you share what you’ve been up to and do a live Q&A session. Consider doing this reward in conjunction with the Backers-only Facebook Group idea above since you can target your live-stream to be only visible to people in the private Facebook group.

Snapchat: Not using Snapchat yet because you don’t have the time to use yet another social media platform? Consider starting a Snapchat but making it only available to your backers. Adding photos and videos to your Snapchat “Story” can be a fun way to give your backers a special behind the scenes glimpse, especially if they don’t get to see much of that on your main Instagram account.

Critiques: Let your backers know they can send you their art or creative work via email or DM and you’ll offer some critique and tips.

Prints: Consider doing a series of small, collectible prints and giving backers a new print every month. Alternatively, you can send backers at a higher tier one big print up front if there are other monthly rewards at that tier.

Stickers and Magnets: Create a series of fun stickers or magnets and send your backers a new one every month. We highly recommend stickermule.com for this.

Local Meetups: Offer backers who live in the same area with you a chance to meetup once a month at a local cafe and work on their art with you.

If these ideas don't work for you, or you'd like some ideas especially suited for what you do, feel free to reach out to use at hello@backerpass.com with a link to your Instagram, Facebook, etc.. and we'd be happy to help brainstorm something cool for you.